Removing boundaries for talent

HRx is a Vancouver based startup that provides technology solutions and services to address unconscious bias in hiring. Our technology for candidate screening anonymizes identifiable data from candidate profiles.

Better Candidates

HRx helps increase the diversity of the candidate pool by creating a more objective playing field for candidates who wouldn't have made it to the interview stage otherwise.

Showcase Leadership

Taking an innovative approach to address unconscious bias in hiring sends a strong message to your employees and the communities in which you operate. Implementing unbiased hiring offers the chance to lead and be seen leading.

Improve Diversity

HRx opens the doors to unexpected hires. This can impact your employee makeup, helping to ensure that women, minorities and those individuals with completely different backgrounds have an opportunity.

Our Team

Rachit Khare

Chief Technology Officer

MBA and Web Developer, has worked in several industries including early stage tech startups.

Shona Reid

Chief Marketing Officer

MBA, has over 10 years of marketing and communication experience working with local, national and global organizations.

Wyle Baoween

Chief Executive Officer

Engineer, MBA and PMP, has over 15 years of management experience and has led large IT projects specifically in HR and recruitment.

Adine Mees - Advisor

Former CEO, Minerva Foundation

Hussein Hallak - Advisor

General Manager, Launch Academy

Former Director, TedxStanleyPark

HRx in the Media

At HRx, we believe people should get what they deserve no matter their name, gender, colour or age.

If you share our vision, join us.

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HRx is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.